Steering Damper Q's

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Thu Jul 31 19:56:02 PDT 2008

your other option is to mount a regular str damper on the frt under the 
instr. cluster
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So I have my first gen almost set up for the track. I purchased a Hyperpro 
damper made for the first gen along with clip-ons...thought it would work, 
but it doesn't. With running the pods and FCR41's, I cannot get my tank low 
enough without spacers and hence cannot get the Hyperpro mounted up.
So... is there a damper that can be run with tank spacers? I know about the 
frame mounted units..but I was thinking along the lines of maybe the GPR, 
Pitbull or Scotts. As I know that something would happen to that side 
mounted damper.

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