Steering Damper Q's

Mike Carter, Jr. wacky_woodchuck at
Thu Jul 31 20:05:24 PDT 2008

Thanks... I now see.  The sad part though, is I'll be able to get a GPR to work for sure.  The Hyperpro I have, still will not.  The mount to the frame, has the damper mount right over the one tank bolt.  So no machining work can be done.  Oh well...
See pic...

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actually you can make that one work,or any of ones you listed.
you will need to cut of bottom of dampers tank mount for same size as spacer 
you using.
if you need help I think I can make your work.

Zoran Vujasinovic
Twin Works Factory
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So I have my first gen almost set up for the track. I purchased a Hyperpro 
damper made for the first gen along with clip-ons...thought it would work, 
but it doesn't. With running the pods and FCR41's, I cannot get my tank low 
enough without spacers and hence cannot get the Hyperpro mounted up.
So... is there a damper that can be run with tank spacers? I know about the 
frame mounted units..but I was thinking along the lines of maybe the GPR, 
Pitbull or Scotts. As I know that something would happen to that side 
mounted damper.


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