replace 2nd gen tank

Steve Robertson srobertson at
Sun Jun 1 20:16:38 PDT 2008

On my 03 I just remove the fuel line from the tank and tuck it up beside
the airbox. Like Zoran says, it will only be a few drops that come out. The
pump shouldn't turn off as long as your key is in the off position and kill
switch is off.

If you are swapping tanks anyways just get a big ass funnel and dump the
contents of the old tank into the "new" one. The only things holding the
tank on are the two bolts at the front, the fuel line, one electrical 
and the long bolt for the tank mounting bracket.


> So without the pump going it won't spill?  Great ;-)
> Any way other than hose/mouth/siphon to get 2 gallons out of the old  tank 
> and into the new one?

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