replace 2nd gen tank

zoran zv30 at
Sun Jun 1 21:36:59 PDT 2008

it is 2nd petcock,fuel pump in tank is petcock.

Zoran Vujasinovic
Twin Works Factory
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> Jo Rhett wrote:
>> So without the pump going it won't spill?  Great ;-)
>> Any way other than hose/mouth/siphon to get 2 gallons out of the old tank 
>> and into the new one?
> Jo, the tank's fuel valve is vacuum operated. No vacuum, no flow. So 
> there's no problem removing the tank, just disconnect the vacuum line, the 
> fuel line, the fuel sender wires and vent lines at the rear.
> By the same token, if you want to empty the tank just pull the fuel line 
> and direct it into a suitable vessel. Then apply vacuum to the vacuum 
> spigot on the valve and fuel will flow.
> I use a Mity-Vac to suck on the spigot, but you can do it by mouth. It's 
> clean and doesn't take much vacuum.
> -js
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