low power and brake issue

Wendell Crain wendell_crain at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 2 11:40:43 PDT 2008

Well, I took the "3 week wonder" to the track and something definitely isn't right. During the second 20 minute session, I ran out of gas. I know I didn't have the tank all the way full, but this was excessive. I ended up using about 7 gallons for evening. There was so much fuel going through it, you could smell it in the exhaust. I never even thought to check that before. The bike had no top end power at all. Going with WOT, I was at least 10 seconds down on a lap time. I know I am slow, but definitely not that slow. We rode the primary bike for the endurance race on Saturday and going through the pits, I found someone that loaned me some smaller jets. (Based on another mechanics advice there, his suggestion was to go to around a DJ130 and remove both shims from the nylon spacer on the needles.) So I spent Saturday evening swapping over to the smaller mains and trying very hard not to lose any small parts inside my tiny trailer. In Sunday practices, the bike seemed like it had a bit more, but I was still down 8-9 seconds and this was going around most corners WOT. I wasn't using quite as much fuel though. While the bike was running you could still smell unburnt fuel, just not as strong. The mechanic made suggestions on things to try, since I have 2 weeks before the next round. Since I have DJ mains in it and stock needles, he recommended buying the DJ needles (or complete kit). I do have another set of carbs I had purchased, so he recommended setting those up to see if something is wrong with the first set. (As a quick easy test without tearing the first set down to find an issue.) Rebalancing the carbs. Do a compression check. (Anyone know what kind of number I would look for in central Ohio?) If the compression numbers don't look good, a leak test would be next. (I really don't have a clue on how to do that one.)
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