low power and brake issue

KC Gager kc at brgracing.com
Tue Jun 3 20:24:57 PDT 2008

Here is a suggestion. When we have a problem with something not running
right. We start out with checking the following. Charging system, charging @
13.5 min @ 6000 I think. Z is probably more up speed on that. Check the
compression, leak down valve adjust. Detail all the jets and setting in the
carbs. IE know what is in the carb and where stuff is set at. Jet sizes
needle position floats. Are the big things. But you want to read up on the
repair manual. The step back looks at the number and see what pops out. This
is a race bike; small problem can cost you big hp. Just a shitty valve
adjustment can cost 3 to 4 hp. And yes I have the dyno sheet to prove
that.:-)Wendell I think do these set are import in the fact that you don't
know anything about this motor any way. Doing these sets will get you up to
speed with the condition on the motor and its power potential.
Good luck I'm off to Colorado for a week of R&R. Witch I really need. 

KC Gager
BRG Racing Products
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throw away the dynojet main and get a stock 146 to 150. Don't confuse 
things with dynojet. The stock needle shimmed 40 thou works great. 17.5 
pilot jets or turn fuel screws out 3 turns. Shim the stock needle 40 
thou PAST the stock setting. If you need shims send your address and I 
will mail you some.


On Jun 3, 2008, at 6:35 PM, Wendell Crain wrote:

> I think I may have found something. One of the wires for the front 
> coil was loose. Intermitten firing or non-firing of the front cylinder 
> would also cause all these symptoms, yes? We are in the middle of a 
> monsoon here, so testing it will have to wait. And unfortunately, I am 
> back to testing on the road to my house. Next round is in 2 weeks. 
> Maybe have to take it to a local test-n-tune at the dragstrip. What 
> does everyone think about the needle/jet combo? It has a stock needle 
> with just the plastic spacer and a 132 Dynojet main. Stock motor with 
> K&N and a M4 full system.
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>> Had you run this motor before you had done at this work?
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