low power and brake issue

Wendell Crain wendell_crain at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 4 07:48:47 PDT 2008

Even though He enjoys a good Murphy, I'll still make plans.The best thing about these lists, is that I learn how to do things so I don't have to pay a mechanic. Minimizing that will allow me to keep going to the track. I'll look to do a compression check. Then have to figure out what it takes for a leak-down after that.
I appreciate everyone's help immensely!

> From: kc at brgracing.com> To: sv650 at micapeak.com> Subject: RE: low power and brake issue> Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 07:31:48 -0700> > You know how to make god laugh....... make plans :-)> If we can help let me know> > KC Gager> BRG Racing Products> "We Have Sickness For Quickness"> KC at brgracing.com> http://www.brgracing.com> (925)672-5789> > 
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