Follow-Up Tire Question

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick III celticracing at
Sun Jun 8 12:33:05 PDT 2008

Thanks for all of the responses.


I'm looking for the best tire, regardless of brand.  "Best" would be the
best gripping, warm up and handling tire.  If at all possible, I don't ride
in the rain.  Grip speaks for itself, but to be clear on handling, I prefer
quick turn in as my former race bike was a single (GB500) and a Hawk, and I
never liked big bikes.  I prefer the bicycle like handling of small bikes.


Also, I need specific information as to the exact tire, and where
appropriate, the compound.  So, for example, I have heard a lot about
Pirellis, but not about which specific Pirelli is best.  At the shop I work
at, the owner has used the Corsa IIIs on his ZX6 track bike, but I'm not
sure that is the best for a stock SV.


As to the Pilot Powers, I was checking out the web site and the catalogues,
and there are quite a few in there, as well.


Once I nail down the tire I want, I need to find the best source.  I get 10%
over cost, but I believe cost varies a lot between vendors due to their
specific contracts/arrangements.  It appeared that the most expensive
Pirellis would cost me over $500 for a set, even at my shop.  That set me
back on my heals.  So, what is the most reliable source of fresh Pirellis at
a reasonable cost?


Thanks again,


Tom Fitzpatrick

Celtic Racing #806


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