Searching lots of forums for parts?

Randy Grein randygrein at
Sun Jun 8 16:56:19 PDT 2008

Great explanation Greg. I've seen it both ways, but yours is the right  
way to do it.
Randy Grein, WMRRA #41

On Jun 8, 2008, at 4:16 PM, Greg McCullough wrote:

> The "spam" comment was in regards to emailing this DL about  
> something other
> than my SV questions.
> Pulling listings like this and making them available via a search  
> engine is
> technically the same as what Google/Yahoo/etc do for every site on  
> the net,
> just in a more specific manner.  But yes, I have gathered some  
> agreements
> already and am continuing that process with more sites.
> You'll also notice that we're only pulling the first post, and link  
> back to
> the original site for all the details and contact stuff.  We're only  
> trying
> to make it easier riders to keep track of stuff that's available in  
> the
> community.
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> Not sure if this counts as spam or not Greg, but is grabbing content
> from another site like this a good idea? Or do you have cross-posting
> agreements with these sites?
> Randy Grein, WMRRA #41
> Micapeak SV list admin
> On Jun 8, 2008, at 12:13 PM, Greg McCullough wrote:
>> Just wanted to let you guys (and gals) know about a project I've been
>> working on.  It should make searching for SV race stuff a little bit
>> easier.
>> is a new free moto classifieds site.  I know. yet
>> another
>> site to search.  But here's the deal.  All the classifieds items from
>> SVRider, WERA, BARF, plus a few other non-SV forums are cross-
>> updated onto
>> RideMerchant every few hours.  So. search once on RideMerchant, and
>> skip
>> checking the other sites.
>> Thanks for putting up with my spam.  Feel free to email me any
>> feedback or
>> suggestions.  We're still in the early stages with this, so all
>> feedback is
>> much appreciated.
>> Greg

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