Best Track Day Tire for Gen1?

matthew patton pattonme at
Sun Jun 8 20:38:11 PDT 2008

if you're "slow" or "new" at this then worrying much about tires is IMO
silly. Don't get me wrong, track tires (I used to run BT090 and
BT-96's) made me feel like I was something else. But now when I do
track days I run the exact tires I run on the street in whatever
condition they are in (besides being totally worn out). The point being
that you have a reasonable familiarity with what's already on your bike
since you're riding on them all the time.

As Zoran is want to say, it's hard to get yourself into trouble on an
SV WRT to tires at least. (your eyes/mind keeping up with your right
hand may not be so fool-proof)

I run mild "supersport" rubber. BT-10, Avon 59/60, Pilot Roads, MeZ4,
Shinko 006, Maxxis Supermax etc. Make sure you're running a sane tire
pressure and take it easy as you learn your bike and tires and train
your brain.


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