Bike Pricing Question

Joanna Moss jo at
Mon Jun 9 14:28:57 PDT 2008

I am finally getting rid of the 2000 SV650 that I have had in my garage 
for almost 2 years. I have a friend who wants to buy it and keeps asking 
me for a price. I crashed it 4 days after I bought it and it has only 
been ridden home since then. It is a cosmetic total (mainly: dented 
tank, scratched frame, scratched tail piece) and I haven't applied for a 
salvage title. I used the money from insurance to buy basically the same 
bike and have been swapping parts until I now have mine set up the way I 
want. Right now, the carbs are off and missing a needle or two, the 
choke cable and a couple of other small parts have been cannibalized, 
the exhaust is of and the bike just needs general maintenance because it 
has been sitting for so long. It is basically stock after switching out 
parts for my current bike. The tires, chain, sprocket, brakes and all 
those wear-and-tear items are in good shape. It should run, but it needs 
putting back together which I don't have time or energy to do now or in 
the foreseeable future. So, anyone have any ballpark idea of what I 
should be asking a friend for this? He wants to get it running again and 
get a salvage title. He is a great mechanic who would enjoy doing it.


- Joanna

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