Bike Pricing Question

Andy Preston andy at
Mon Jun 9 19:47:33 PDT 2008

Was the bike formally totaled by the insurance company, or did they pay 
out an amount to fix the bike ? If it wasn't formally totaled, then 
there is no reason for a salvage title. If it was totaled, then you 
should have a dollar number which was your buy back from the insurance 
company.  FWIW, my buy back when I totaled my 01 SVS in 02 was about 
$850. If there is no salvage title issue, the steps to get it back on 
the road are much less. The bike is also worth more. A salvage titled 
bike will need more steps to get it back on the road, and you can only 
basically get liability insurance for it.

 Personally $1500 seems high to me, especially if there are missing 
bits, as the cost for those can easily add up. Maybe $1500 if it was a 
runner and complete.


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