retrieving washer from bottom of engine

John spam at
Thu Jun 12 07:11:40 PDT 2008

I'm trying to get the bike ready for my first race ever this weekend, and it's 
in bad shape.

I dropped a washer down the 1x2 inch hole at the bottom of the crankcase, on the 
clutch side of the motorcycle. I bought a magnetic wand, but I can't see or 
reach the washer.

Now my strategies are:
1) Beg for help; and
2) Cry.

Large photo here

More details here

Note that the photo comes from a gen 2 SV650, and I drew in the arrows, but mine 
is a gen 1. Now I have taken off the clutch cover and the inner clutch cover. 
That ripped the paper gasket, but I think I can fill it in with RTV silicone.

So how do I get that washer out of the bottom of my engine? Can I leave it 
there? (Cringe.)

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'98 VFR800
'99 SV650
'70 El Camino

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