Another Track Day tire question?

Mike Moore mike at
Wed Jun 18 07:40:00 PDT 2008

I've been following the tire discussions with interest.  I'm in my second
year of track days on a 2006 SV650 using BT-014.  I've been happy with the
tires but I'm getting to the pace (Nesba "I") that I am considering
something else.  Pirelli is a Nesba sponsor and lots of folks are runing DC
III but they are not available in 160 for the SV.  Recently it was suggested
that I consider switching out the rear wheel (F3 or similar) so I could run

Does anyone have experience with this type of setup?

Anyone know for sure what is is required for an F3 rear wheel swap.  Does F3
year make a difference?  I think before about '98 the F3 was a 5" rim and
5.5" later.  Can anyone confirm that?

Thanks in advance


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