Another Track Day tire question?

Erik Weber yoober at
Wed Jun 18 12:24:33 PDT 2008

You are right, the DCIII is cheaper, so that's a factor.

Yep, the SC slicks and DOTs are the same, keeping in mind that Dragons
are different from Diablos of course. But I like riding in the rain
and plus I like to race in superstock, so I have only used the slicks
a couple times.

I'll tell you, I'm a wimp about the tires. As soon as the rear starts
stepping out on me a little, I cry for a new set. To be fair to
myself, I would bet that I am getting more lean angle out of my SV
than most, the rear is jacked up to the sky, and the pegs are up 1.5
inches from stock "S" position, and they are the folding kind and
ground way down from scraping. Jo warned me about spinning up the
rear. And sure enough, I high-sided the hell out of it on the gas not
that long ago (it was immediately after a rain though so the track was
fresh, plus I was a good bit off the race line). But after all that
qualification I would say, four to five track days at the most. But
it's always the rear that goes first for me, even the medium, but that
could be my riding style. I am bad about not getting my weight up over
the front and still have a long way to go in terms of hard braking and
pushing the front.

I used a soft Diablo SC on the rear most recently. It only has about
1.5 track days and three short sprint races on it, and it's already
looking fairly worn (fairly worn for me means a lot of feathering -- I
never really get much cupping like some SV guys seem to get). Awesome
tire though, I had total confidence in it, even in a wet turn 6 at
Road Atlanta (ok so I was going about 30 mph . . . ). So I would
definitely go for the medium rear (and soft front) unless you really
want the soft rear for a specific event or something. And use the

Odd thing about those Diablos -- they supposedly have a wider contact
patch when cranked over than the Dragons, yet they are noticeably
narrower . . .

On 6/18/08, Mike Moore <mike at> wrote:
> Eric,
>  Thanks for the feedback.  I'm not sure why they say the DC III will last
>  longer either.  I'm just going on what I've been told.  Might be because
>  everyone on the DC III is running 600s or liter bikes and normally wear the
>  center as fast as the edges. LOL.  Of course the DC III is a little less
>  cost to start with.
>  How many track days did you get out of a set of the SC tires?  If I
>  understand correctly the slicks and DOTs are the same rubber with the tread
>  in the DOT.
>  mike
> On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 11:42 AM, Erik Weber <yoober at> wrote:
>  > Mike, dunno about the wheel swap, but I ride with NESBA too on my SV.
>  > I get my Pirellis from them. I switched to race tires after I was in
>  > the "I" group for a while. I think the DC III is said to last you
>  > longer because it's not as soft in the center, but I think the edge
>  > compound is the same as the SCs, so I have trouble understanding how
>  > that's really going to last longer when it comes to cornering, but
>  > maybe I have it wrong. I have run the Dragon SC (DOT and slick) and
>  > the newer Diablo SC (all come in 160) and have been happy with all of
>  > them. I also ran the Bridgestone Battlax slicks and liked them too.
>  > You might get some good prices on the Dragons since they are basically
>  > being replaced.
>  >
>  > On 6/18/08, Mike Moore <mike at> wrote:
>  > > I've been following the tire discussions with interest.  I'm in my second
>  > >  year of track days on a 2006 SV650 using BT-014.  I've been happy with
>  > the
>  > >  tires but I'm getting to the pace (Nesba "I") that I am considering
>  > >  something else.  Pirelli is a Nesba sponsor and lots of folks are runing
>  > DC
>  > >  III but they are not available in 160 for the SV.  Recently it was
>  > suggested
>  > >  that I consider switching out the rear wheel (F3 or similar) so I could
>  > run
>  > >  DC III.
>  > >
>  > >  Does anyone have experience with this type of setup?
>  > >
>  > >  Anyone know for sure what is is required for an F3 rear wheel swap.
>  >  Does F3
>  > >  year make a difference?  I think before about '98 the F3 was a 5" rim
>  > and
>  > >  5.5" later.  Can anyone confirm that?
>  > >
>  > >  Thanks in advance
>  > >
>  > >
>  > >  Mike
>  > >
>  >

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