retrieving washer from bottom of engine

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Wed Jun 18 13:08:33 PDT 2008

I'm posting this a little late, but Zoran is the man. DON'T MESS with the Zoran!

Are you getting a lot of that with the Adam Sandler movie out?  :)

I posted to three e-mail lists and received three conflicting pieces of advice:

* Lay the bike on its left side (Zoran)

* Lay the bike on its right side

* Create an electromagnet using two lengths of wire and a 12-volt battery. (No, 
I am not making this up, someone actually suggested this. It's a great idea, but 
I didn't feel qualified to create *new* tools when I couldn't even operate the 
ones I had.)

Thankfully, I only had to try the first recommendation. When I leaned the SV650 
on its left side, the washer slowly drifted into view on a film of oil! I was 
able to reach it with my handy-dandy magnetic wand.

More details and photos here. Unfortunately, I did not end up racing, but I'll 
be ready for Road Atlanta in two weeks. Click below to read about:

* Mechanical stoopidity

* Installing a Pit Bull trailer stand in a 1970 El Camino

* Overheating in scary areas of Atlanta

P.S. If you're in the Southeast, the Floribama Riders are offering a Barber 
track day July 26-27. See:

'99 SV650
'98 VFR800
'70 El Camino

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> drain oil.lay bike down on left side.come back couple hours later and washer
> will be by drain plug.pull it out with magnet.
> Zoran Vujasinovic
> Twin Works Factory
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>> I'm trying to get the bike ready for my first race ever this weekend, and
>> it's in bad shape.
>> I dropped a washer down the 1x2 inch hole at the bottom of the crankcase,
>> on the clutch side of the motorcycle. I bought a magnetic wand, but I
>> can't see or reach the washer.


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