Searching lots of forums for parts?

Greg McCullough greg at
Wed Jun 18 17:55:52 PDT 2008

Coming soon.  I'll shoot you an email to beta test it.

FWIW, our program also scans the post content and makes an educated guess at
the price of the item, whether it's been sold, and extracts a thumbnail
picture for search results.  Gives you a bit more than title/description
that you get with basic RSS.

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On Jun 8, 2008, at 12:13 PM, Greg McCullough wrote:
> Just wanted to let you guys (and gals) know about a project I've been
> working on.  It should make searching for SV race stuff a little bit  
> easier.
>  But here's the deal.  All the classifieds items from
> SVRider, WERA, BARF, plus a few other non-SV forums are cross- 
> updated onto
> RideMerchant every few hours.  So. search once on RideMerchant, and  
> skip
> checking the other sites.

Where's the RSS feed?

Most of the sites you name I can see and search in my RSS reader.

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