Changing gearing -- front vs rear

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Fri Jun 20 18:30:40 PDT 2008

The front's at least as easy as the rear if you have an air impact.
Front sprockets are also a lot cheaper. I personally wouldn't go to a 14
because of the increased wear. Is this for TGPR? I can't think of
another track that would call for much shorter gearing than stock. 

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On Fri, 20 Jun 2008, Erik Weber wrote:

> 1) Why would you change the front sprocket rather than the rear? Isn't

> it a heck of a lot more work?

Maybe he couldn't get the equivalent rear for some reason.

> 2) I had to put the 15 back on the front, but am about to revisit the
> 14/44 track. What would be the equivalent rear sprocket? 15/46, 15/47?
> Or did he change the front because there is no exact equivalent?

I think 15/47 is the closest.  Which track is it?


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