Changing gearing -- front vs rear

Jim Stewart js at
Mon Jun 23 11:20:10 PDT 2008

Kabara, Richard M. wrote:

> So Jim, I believe your 8-9K mile wear has more to do with the chain hop due
> to the 14 tooth c/s sprocket...sound believable? Any other opinions?

Well, Zoran tells us that the SV 400 has a 14 tooth sprocket stock.

As for wear (not considering the resonance problem) my rapid chain wear has all 
been on RK X-ring chains. OEM chain is DID, and that's what I use now with much 
better wear.

> If you liked the 14/45 gearing, install 15/48 (this will shorten your
> wheelbase, making it wheelie even easier!) Randy said, one tooth down
> on c/s is equivalent to three up in back.

The problem is finding good aftermarket sprockets. I tried a 46 from Sprocket 
Specialists several years ago (steel) and it hooked badly in 8K or so IIRC.

Beth tried another aftermarket steel sprocket set (can't remember the brand, but 
I'd never heard of it) and the wear was startling:

A couple of years ago I helped Ken install an AFAM 47 tooth rear on his SV. 
Dunno how it's worn. Ken, you listening???



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