expected HP with CAM mod?

KC Gager kc at brgracing.com
Mon Jun 23 20:31:16 PDT 2008

I'd find a Factory pro dyno and get some numbers you can work with. If you
can't find one near you. Dyno jets in most case will tune fat if it is show
fat now then it is really fat. 65 is low for a stock motor in most cases are
around 68 to 71. What does the graph look like any dips? If you don't have
dips them all you need to do is main jet. What do you have in the now?

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I did my first dyno run this morning on the SV. it has a Yosh full
system, G2 cam mod, bmc air filter (probably a little dirty) and raised

I got 65.8HP in 90F air

The dyno operator didn't know how to control for the wasted spark so
RPM was 2x what it was supposed to be so torque values are 1/2 what
they should be. (give me 30min with the WinPEP software and I'd
probably be able to do more with it than he can despite his taking a 2
day class...)

but what was odd is that the A/F graph has me at a very flat 12.4-13.3
(min/max) which seems a good bit rich just in general. I'm running the
recommended mains from the Factory jet kit, DJ needles (PO had
installed them but lousily) and 2.5turns out on the mixture screws.

My guess is I need to turn the idles in 1/2 turn, drop the needle
further, and go down a size in mains.

I'll also check to make sure the carbs aren't dripping raw fuel into
the intake. They used to do that but things have been running well for
a while now since I tore into the carbs the last time around.


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