All that for 3 HP?

matthew patton pattonme at
Wed Jun 25 16:04:15 PDT 2008

i agreee that the ROI looks damn pathetic. the bike came with the
jetkit (installed pathetically), and the pipe. I added teh cams because
I wanted to. the difference was palpable in the butt. I am not
confident in this dyno operator, nor his ability to configure it
properly. (he didn't know anything about wasted spark or how to get the
software to compensate) and he's been in the auto and mc racing
business well neigh 30 years.

it's hot and rains a lot here in FL which will also depress numbers. I
knew that my bike is running too rich, I can smell the damn odor. but
after a trackday at VIR last year it developed a bad gas leak into the
front cylinder and would hydrolock on me more often than I would like
after I unmoth-balled it after about 8 months of sitting.

So with the cam swap, gas lines replumbed and bowl needle working
again, float heights set properly I wanted a run to see where it stood.
and got a crap number.

When I get back to Virginia (or at least NC) I intend to have it run
again. But in the meantime after I fix fuel starvation/delivery
problems the local guy will give me anohter few runs to see how the A/F
mixture is doing.

the run I got had a very flat torque curve, absolutely no dips and
power was completely linear so overly rich or not the motor was
operating quite well. I was getting about 42mpg so that was reasonable
as well.


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