Steering head bearings

Steve Aronson stevewins at
Wed Jun 25 20:36:35 PDT 2008

Picked up a long punch and cold chisel set at Home Depot....mediocre quality
but it was all that was open nearby. The lower inner race came off nanometer
by nanometer after about a hundred or two hits.  Accidentally made a couple
of nicks in the stem, a dremel will smooth them off I guess. The outer races
both came off easily with the long punch.

Surprisingly to me, the old parts looked ok visually once I got them out,
except for the lack of grease, but my steering had a very pronounced notch
in the straight ahead position.

So, any tips for installing the new bearings tomorrow :)

I noticed the new set came with a metal/rubber dust seal for both bearings,
but the stock ones only had a similar dust seal for the bottom one, while
the top one just had that large rubber seal.  Do you normally install the
new top seal as well as the stock big rubber piece?


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> pound it off carefully with a small cold chisel, around the
> circumference, slowly. You need a cold chisel, a screwdriver will bend
> remove the outer races with a drift lower from above, upper from below,
> the frame is cutout to allow a punch to hit the shell
> On Jun 25, 2008, at 4:21 PM, Steve Aronson wrote:
> > I'm in the middle of replacing the steering head bearings on my '00
> > with
> > tapered ones.  Any tips on getting the bottom one off the steering
> > stem,
> > it's really stuck on there. Also any tips on removing the old outer
> > races?
> > I don't have any special tools, just hammers, sockets, pipes,
> > screwdrivers
> > (to act as chisels :)  Thanks.
> >
> > Steve
> >
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