All that for 3 HP

matthew patton pattonme at
Thu Jun 26 13:14:02 PDT 2008

> Really? I'm getting 53 highway, just a comparison point.

sure, but for being quite a bit too rich, 42 isn't preposterous. Now if
it was 35...

> OK Let me se if I have this right. You had a car guy doing your dyno
> stuff?

Yes he's done cars back mostly in the 60's, 70's and some 80's. but is
big into bikes. Ran a race team in FIA europe supersport etc.

> You put cams in? Whose cams?

Suzuki G2 intakes. it's the wildly common G1->G2 mod.

> I need opening and closing numbers please. 
> what Compression are you at.

no earthly clue. I just did the cam swap. Seemed simple enough.

> time. If the cams are not set at the right point You can make shit
> for
> power. That would explain why you bike is low on power. And is fat on
> fuel.

I followed the directions for the cam swap and checked stuff a couple
times. now I guess I could be off by a tooth... Any way to really tell?
I marked the pins with ink so I would know where the timing marks
should be and AFIK no slips occurred. I've done cam swaps before albeit
on inline twins, and 4's so the concept isn't entirely new to me.

oooh, a guy in Orlando. That I can do.


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