All that for 3 HP

matthew patton pattonme at
Sat Jun 28 01:05:24 PDT 2008

so another run today on the DJ250i, and the only change was I leaned
stuff out across the board. the motor climbs thru the RPMs VERY fast.
But laying the trace over Holeshot's data they publish for their pipe
and also stock, I now supposedly make the same power as his carb and
pipe setup; namely 70HP. (yes, I know I'm comparing donuts to

But absolute numbers aside, what struck me was that I'm missing torque,
some 3-4ft/lbs worth and even a deficit over stock all the way to 8000
RPM. But even more interesting is where my motor makes power vs both a
stock and Holeshot bike. Stock peaks at 8500 or so and starts to fall
off quickly. Holeshot max power starts from 8500 and goes all the way
to 9500 RPM. Mine doesn't even START till 9000 RPM and then stays very
close to max till the rev limiter kicks in.

So basically the torque deficit and the power coming on at high RPM
implies to me that I am lacking back pressure. Next up, corking up the
can some how and doing some more runs. any ideas on what to use aside
from some duct tape and some metal shim stock?


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