All that for 3 HP

Randy Grein randygrein at
Sat Jun 28 08:55:09 PDT 2008

KC may know more, but sounds like cam timing is off. Is there an  
exhaust analyzer available to check mixture?

Randy Grein, WMRRA #41

On Jun 28, 2008, at 1:05 AM, matthew patton wrote:

> so another run today on the DJ250i, and the only change was I leaned
> stuff out across the board. the motor climbs thru the RPMs VERY fast.
> But laying the trace over Holeshot's data they publish for their pipe
> and also stock, I now supposedly make the same power as his carb and
> pipe setup; namely 70HP. (yes, I know I'm comparing donuts to
> elephants)
> But absolute numbers aside, what struck me was that I'm missing  
> torque,
> some 3-4ft/lbs worth and even a deficit over stock all the way to 8000
> RPM. But even more interesting is where my motor makes power vs both a
> stock and Holeshot bike. Stock peaks at 8500 or so and starts to fall
> off quickly. Holeshot max power starts from 8500 and goes all the way
> to 9500 RPM. Mine doesn't even START till 9000 RPM and then stays very
> close to max till the rev limiter kicks in.
> So basically the torque deficit and the power coming on at high RPM
> implies to me that I am lacking back pressure. Next up, corking up the
> can some how and doing some more runs. any ideas on what to use aside
> from some duct tape and some metal shim stock?

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