all that for 3hp?

matthew patton pattonme at
Mon Jun 30 20:51:40 PDT 2008

So upon careful inspection my rear cylinder exhaust cam was off
(retarded) by 1 tooth. I guess I misinterpreted the drawings and
thought the arrow pointed to a tooth and not a well. 

I fixed it and redyno'd and got 71HP and change. so not any major
difference. But now it pops a hell of a lot when decending thru 4000
RPM. cracking the throttle even slightly seems to alliviate that. I'm
surmising that I need another 1/4 turn out on the idle mixture (it pops
just sitting at idle too) - currently 1.75 turns out on 17 jets

have to go buy a compession tester. mileage on bike is 25k miles, all
valves are in spec and on the tight side of the range. I'm about done
screwing around with it. I have my gsxr-fork mod and various other R&D
projects to work on.


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