Cometic gaskets

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Tue Mar 4 07:36:20 PST 2008

Piston weight is very important. 8 gram heavier then stock can make motor go
boom.  We use super light from Zlock racing. There a Wisco piston but Dan
design. We all so do a light weight stator rotor we take about 400 grams off
the stator help with the 2 gen cranks, so the noise does not brake off. 
If it is not too late, I would weight the pistons and see how they stack up
to the stock. I've seen a lot of rods broken because of to heavy a piston.
And the poor rod gets through under the bus. Will the fat ass piston laughs
in the corner...

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Thanks KC. Between your and Zoran's comments it sounds like
I should stick with the Cometic. I bought the motor with the pistons
already in it and don't recall what kind they are??? JE or Wiseco
I would think.

When I was looking at building up my current motor the lightest 84mm
pistons I could find were from CP Pistons. Unfortunately I have never heard
if anyone else who had used them and if they are good or bad pistons.

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