Piston Weights

Steve Robertson srobertson at ssimicro.com
Tue Mar 4 10:39:41 PST 2008

With the help of a mechanic I will be getting into the motor next
month and will check what kind of slugs are in there. The motor
already has Carillo rods and I am running total loss with a lightened
rotor. Here some piston numbers that I have researched. All are for
the SV with exception of the CP pistons which are for a Busa but I
would assume they would work (??yes/no??) All are 83mm bore:

Wiseco 244gr
JE         241gr
Zlock    228gr (made for Zlock by Wiseco I believe)
Spears  221gr
CP        214gr

If anyone knows of a reason not to use the CP Pistons I would be
interested to hear.


> Piston weight is very important. 8 gram heavier then stock can make motor 
> go
> boom.  We use super light from Zlock racing. There a Wisco piston but Dan
> design. We all so do a light weight stator rotor we take about 400 grams 
> off
> the stator help with the 2 gen cranks, so the noise does not brake off.
> If it is not too late, I would weight the pistons and see how they stack 
> up
> to the stock. I've seen a lot of rods broken because of to heavy a piston.
> And the poor rod gets through under the bus. Will the fat ass piston 
> laughs
> in the corner...

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