Piston Weights

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I like to weight them apart. There are times when you find the pin is heavy
or light. You can go with the light parts. That's a good thing. Wisco pin
are in most cases pretty heavy. The stock pin is pretty light so you shorten
the pin and use that. That's cool you have piston weights. I've herd some
good things about cp but have never seen any thing from them. Who told you
spears pistons are 221 grams.
The ones I've seen where a bit on the heavy side of these numbers. 

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I like to weight them comnplete.

Zoran Vujasinovic
Twin Works Factory
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> IIRC stock pistons are close to 228.. anybody else?
> On Mar 4, 2008, at 10:39 AM, Steve Robertson wrote:
>> With the help of a mechanic I will be getting into the motor next
>> month and will check what kind of slugs are in there. The motor
>> already has Carillo rods and I am running total loss with a lightened
>> rotor. Here some piston numbers that I have researched. All are for
>> the SV with exception of the CP pistons which are for a Busa but I
>> would assume they would work (??yes/no??) All are 83mm bore:
>> Wiseco 244gr
>> JE         241gr
>> Zlock    228gr (made for Zlock by Wiseco I believe)
>> Spears  221gr
>> CP        214gr
>> If anyone knows of a reason not to use the CP Pistons I would be
>> interested to hear.
>> thanks,
>> Steve
>>> Piston weight is very important. 8 gram heavier then stock can make 
>>> motor go
>>> boom.  We use super light from Zlock racing. There a Wisco piston but 
>>> Dan
>>> design. We all so do a light weight stator rotor we take about 400 grams

>>> off
>>> the stator help with the 2 gen cranks, so the noise does not brake off.
>>> If it is not too late, I would weight the pistons and see how they stack

>>> up
>>> to the stock. I've seen a lot of rods broken because of to heavy a 
>>> piston.
>>> And the poor rod gets through under the bus. Will the fat ass piston 
>>> laughs
>>> in the corner...
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