Piston Weights

Ted Temple lrrs52 at yahoo.com
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Easy KC...  ;-)

I've used Gregg's stuff for the last 7-8 years and am
in the process of building a 2mm Spears motor for a
friend.  Here are the individual weights for those
actual parts:

     +2mm (coated) piston: 221.0 Grams
                Wrist pin:  56.7 Grams
                    Rings:  17.3 Grams
                    Clips:   1.0 Gram

I think the total of 296 grams is less than a stock
piston and pin alone.  I just know they work and are
reliable.  Most of the fast SV's at Loudon are running
Spears motors.  That's a pretty good testament to the
quality of the parts and design since we're nearly
3,000 miles away and none of us has met Gregg or even
met anyone who has. :-)

I saw on RRW recently that Gregg was being honored as
"Motorsportsman of the year" by someone - Congrats


--- KC Gager <kc at brgracing.com> wrote:
> Spears is saying his pistons are the lightest out
> there.... There a JE
> piston. I'd have to weight them again; we had a set
> in a couple of years
> ago. I don't remember the number but I do remember
> they need Jenny Craig.
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> I got that number from Gregg Spears himself.
> >I like to weight them apart. There are times when
> you find the pin is heavy
> > or light. You can go with the light parts. That's
> a good thing. Wisco pin
> > are in most cases pretty heavy. The stock pin is
> pretty light so you 
> > shorten
> > the pin and use that. That's cool you have piston
> weights. I've herd some
> > good things about cp but have never seen any thing
> from them. Who told you
> > spears pistons are 221 grams.
> > The ones I've seen where a bit on the heavy side
> of these numbers.

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