WTB custom rearset adapter

Erik Weber yoober at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 12:46:04 PST 2008

Hey thanks a lot Andy. I had actually downloaded the CAD program and
then forgotten about it!

Those Harris ones look pretty cool. But, I did a search for them for
sale and only found what look to be a new style that is more of a
typical full rearset.

For $50 I'm pretty sure I'll try the adapters I mentioned in an
earlier post. Can't hurt to have some extra parts lying around at any

On 3/6/08, Andy Preston <andy at prestonmedina.com> wrote:
> If you wan't to try making your own, http://www.emachineshop.com/ is a
> decent way of getting parts made, and the CAD program is much simpler
> and intuitive than any other I've used. When I was selling tank spacers,
> I had them made through there. Single quantity price is expensive, but
> go up to 15 or 20 piece parts and it gets pretty reasonable.The problem
> with footrest hangers is that they are sided, so you need two parts,
> doubling the cost. I did once come up with a design of the cheesegrater
> style that allowed for both up and down adjustment, that way it would
> just need to be flipped to work on either side, halving the cost. I have
> Harris on my SVS, you can see the style on this web page
> http://www.gostar-racing.com/boards/discus/messages/3/1478.html?1108473732
> This allows 1/2" adjustment, if you don't have the extra plate and just
> move the footpeg, the adjustment granularity is much coarser since the
> bolt for the footrest is much bigger. I don't know the total up and back
> from SVS, but unlike most SV rearsets, these Harris ones are based on
> SVS locations, not SV.
> Andy

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