Zoran's Stupid Club Award?

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What are the Suzuki Cup rules?

I don't get it, you say you want a cheap prod class, but it always ends up
turning into a money pit like every other class.  Other organizations have
created spec classes, why can't AFM?

Make a list of things that can be changed on the bike and if anyone
deviates from that list they're DQ'd.  It's not rocket science.

• Tires
• brake lines/pads
• bodywork
• shock/fork internals
• exhaust/jetting/PC

I don't understand why it's so complicated.

> funny part is that few monkeys running club tried to make our cap illegal
> without realizing their ohlins caps would also be illegal.few of those
> monkeys actually run ohlins.
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>> Love how you're *SERIOUSLY* stirred the pot with that last post (page
>> 8)
>> gah, writing rules doesn't seem so hard from an outsider's perspective.
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