Zoran's Stupid Club Award?

Steve Robertson srobertson at ssimicro.com
Fri Mar 14 13:17:34 PDT 2008

It's not a class I race in, but up here in Canada the SV cup rules are
pretty much what you listed plus min weight and max hp. I could be
wrong, but I'm pretty sure that any fork cap is allowed (even if it has
rebound contols) as it is classified part of the fork internals. Obviously
this could be (and is) a point of debate. Some might say it is internals
because it screws into the forks while others would argue that if you
can see it, how can it be internals.

If rebound damping adjusters are allowed, it seems odd to have to
reverse engineer them to make them legal. But hey, it ain't my club.

> What are the Suzuki Cup rules?
> I don't get it, you say you want a cheap prod class, but it always ends up
> turning into a money pit like every other class.  Other organizations have
> created spec classes, why can't AFM?
> Make a list of things that can be changed on the bike and if anyone
> deviates from that list they're DQ'd.  It's not rocket science.
> . Tires
> . brake lines/pads
> . bodywork
> . shock/fork internals
> . exhaust/jetting/PC
> I don't understand why it's so complicated.

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