Zoran's Stupid Club Award?

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Fri Mar 14 21:05:50 PDT 2008

This sound about as silly as the little Saigon stuff in San Jose... But they
it is California.... :-0

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Steve, your understanding is exactly correct.  It's only AFM that  
doesn't get it.

On Mar 14, 2008, at 1:17 PM, Steve Robertson wrote:
> It's not a class I race in, but up here in Canada the SV cup rules are
> pretty much what you listed plus min weight and max hp. I could be
> wrong, but I'm pretty sure that any fork cap is allowed (even if it  
> has
> rebound contols) as it is classified part of the fork internals.  
> Obviously
> this could be (and is) a point of debate. Some might say it is  
> internals
> because it screws into the forks while others would argue that if you
> can see it, how can it be internals.
> If rebound damping adjusters are allowed, it seems odd to have to
> reverse engineer them to make them legal. But hey, it ain't my club.
>> What are the Suzuki Cup rules?
>> I don't get it, you say you want a cheap prod class, but it always  
>> ends up
>> turning into a money pit like every other class.  Other  
>> organizations have
>> created spec classes, why can't AFM?
>> Make a list of things that can be changed on the bike and if anyone
>> deviates from that list they're DQ'd.  It's not rocket science.
>> . Tires
>> . brake lines/pads
>> . bodywork
>> . shock/fork internals
>> . exhaust/jetting/PC
>> I don't understand why it's so complicated.

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