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Sun Mar 16 14:38:39 PDT 2008

Quoting Ernest Montague:
> Yah when the Montoya Bros ran the club it was impossible to get
> anything done.

   Ernie... BS. maybe it makes for a great sound bite but it is only so much
revisionist BS.
   the Club has always been a representative democracy with a variety of
Board folk elected by the membership and w/ different views, opinions &
interests, and there was never a time when "the Montoya Bros ran the
club"... and in fact, on many many occasions & many many subjects, the
Montoya Bros didn't even vote the same way.
   newsgroups like this sometimes reads like toxic truthiness rants from AM
pundit radio (e.g. Limbaugh/Savage/etc..) rather than well considered and
fact-based discussions by and between reasonable racers. and that's

   as for the 650P fork cap issue, the Prod 9.2 rules were submitted in late
'05 by Alex F., were (i believe) based on the AMA Supersport rules, and
there's been two "rules seasons" since then for any change proposals; if
no one (member or official) submitted changes to those particular rules
before this season (and after the '08 Rulebook was finalized), can you
rightly blame the current Board for having written that set of rules (which
they didn't), OR for not divining this issue that apparently some of you
knew about long before now (which they couldn't have done), OR for not
accepting/making a rule change after the season started which impacts
multiple Prod classes and that is not specifically safety-related (which is
almost never done)? or would it be a good idea to make a class rule change
(that is not specifically safety-related) which specifically benefits (and
was proposed by that) one Board member?
   blame who you want for the reasons you want, but it's plainly FOS for any
of you who knew there was a legal issue w/ a particular class & mod and who
didn't act when the time was right (e.g. when '08 rule changes or 650P
class rules were being solicited and finalized).
   Zoran stated the exact fork cap mod needed to meet the letter of the
9.2.8 rule and until the rule is changed, that's obviously the right
interim solution.

   it's easy to point a finger at your elected officials for not doing what
you want/think but unless YOU did what you could/should to try to enact
your desired change, YOU are also complicit... so have a mirror handy when
pointing that scolding finger.
   and if you did submit something and it wasn't passed, maybe take a look
at the details and reasons before throwing shit around... the proposal
could have been great but stupidly passed over by an inept Board, OR it
could have been iffy and/or not supported by members or not consistent w/
other rules, or it could have just been a dumb proposal passed over by a
reasonable Board.
   no ones perfect and no one can please everyone... and most things in life
(or the AFM) are not as black&white as some would paint it.

regards...   WM

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