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On Mar 16, 2008, at 2:38 PM, wmontoya at wrote:
>    blame who you want for the reasons you want, but it's plainly  
> FOS for any
> of you who knew there was a legal issue w/ a particular class & mod  
> and who
> didn't act when the time was right (e.g. when '08 rule changes or 650P
> class rules were being solicited and finalized).

Wayne, I would to point out something -- nobody understood the rule  
properly.  Why do I say this?  Because as you know I was at every  
rules meeting except the first this last year.  I brought up the  
issue of fork mods several times, and was told that anything which  
didn't change the fork tubes are allowed. I also talked the issue  
over with Tech, and confirmed with them that anything which didn't  
change the fork tubes was acceptable.

Then I went out and spent $5k purchasing a proddy-legal bike.  One  
which had suspension changes, but retained the stock fork tubes.  
Which I can't run.  Because *NOBODY KNEW* that this bike was illegal.

So yes, I agree with most of your statements.  The rules were written  
clearly, but nobody understood the significance of them.  I read them  
carefully and missed that.  So did Kevin, our president.  So did Ed  
Shaimas, chief tech inspector.  And for evidence we can look at...  
what, 70-something production class bikes on the grid today that  
violate this rule?

In short, what we have is a massive misunderstanding of the rule as  
written.  This rule has never been enforced (confirmed by Tech).  So  
the real-life, honest effect of this ruling is a rule change, first  
published with less than 9 days before the first race.

I don't have either the time or money to purchase stock fork tubes  
and upgrade the springs inside them to field this bike within 9  
days.  It's just not possible.  And it's not fair for you to sit on  
the sidelines and point fingers and blame all of us for not reading  
the rulebook more carefully than the sitting board.

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