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I know.  But he was there for all of the rules meeting *AND* the  
discussion of allowable fork changes under 9.2 rules.  That's why I  
am calling him out on the finger pointing.

Summary of my complaint:  nobody read the rule, yourself included  
even when you were on the rules committee.  So don't point at us.

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> Wayne is not there any more.he got old and retired :)
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>>>    blame who you want for the reasons you want, but it's plainly   
>>> FOS for any
>>> of you who knew there was a legal issue w/ a particular class &  
>>> mod  and who
>>> didn't act when the time was right (e.g. when '08 rule changes or  
>>> 650P
>>> class rules were being solicited and finalized).
>> Wayne, I would to point out something -- nobody understood the  
>> rule  properly.  Why do I say this?  Because as you know I was at  
>> every  rules meeting except the first this last year.  I brought  
>> up the  issue of fork mods several times, and was told that  
>> anything which  didn't change the fork tubes are allowed. I also  
>> talked the issue  over with Tech, and confirmed with them that  
>> anything which didn't  change the fork tubes was acceptable.
>> Then I went out and spent $5k purchasing a proddy-legal bike.   
>> One  which had suspension changes, but retained the stock fork  
>> tubes.  Which I can't run.  Because *NOBODY KNEW* that this bike  
>> was illegal.
>> So yes, I agree with most of your statements.  The rules were  
>> written  clearly, but nobody understood the significance of them.   
>> I read them  carefully and missed that.  So did Kevin, our  
>> president.  So did Ed  Shaimas, chief tech inspector.  And for  
>> evidence we can look at...  what, 70-something production class  
>> bikes on the grid today that  violate this rule?
>> In short, what we have is a massive misunderstanding of the rule  
>> as  written.  This rule has never been enforced (confirmed by  
>> Tech).  So  the real-life, honest effect of this ruling is a rule  
>> change, first  published with less than 9 days before the first race.
>> I don't have either the time or money to purchase stock fork  
>> tubes  and upgrade the springs inside them to field this bike  
>> within 9  days.  It's just not possible.  And it's not fair for  
>> you to sit on  the sidelines and point fingers and blame all of us  
>> for not reading  the rulebook more carefully than the sitting board.
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