Torque values GSXR

wmontoya at wmontoya at
Sat Mar 22 01:18:51 PDT 2008

Quoting Jo Rhett:
> I know.  But he was there for all of the rules meeting *AND* the
> discussion of allowable fork changes under 9.2 rules.  That's why I
> am calling him out on the finger pointing.
> Summary of my complaint:  nobody read the rule, yourself included
> even when you were on the rules committee.  So don't point at us.

   sorry, but i don't accept the call (it was probably collect, anyways)...
and obviously you remember things differently than i.
   i remember no statement at the meeting saying "as long as tubes are
stock, you are OK" and i have no such notes in my minutes (i just checked).
as stated elsewhere, the rule's wording is clear and that's where i always
would have directed the conversation towards had the discussion gotten down
to such detailed specifics. (unless i was away puking in the bathroom.)

then Z wrote:
> you are fine.
> voted to make caps legal.
> at least this weekend.:)

   oh goodie. but IF officials DID officially approve the mods and people
spent money, seems like the allowance should be for the whole season.
give'em hell if they don't.

regards...  WM

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