AFM 650 Production rules

Architeuthis dux rg-sv650 at
Mon Mar 24 14:30:00 PDT 2008

I've been watching the griping on the rules, but I tried to puzzle 
through them myself to see if my 2003 naked is legal, and I can't really 

9.1.2k - can't modify lighting
9.1.13 - you can remove the brake light
9.1.35d - can remove tail light assembly
9.1.35e - can remove headlight glass, shell

Ok, so what's the purpose of 9.1.2k?  Can I take off all the lights, or 

9.1.18 - handlebar type may be changed but the mounting method may not

I have Woodcraft clip-ons.  The original SV had bars.  I can't use bars 
with a fairing.  The SVS has clip-ons though.

9.1.26 - aftermarket fairings may not be fitted to bikes not originally 
equipped with a fairing.

My bike was a SV.  The SVS has a fairing, but no bellypan.  I have a 
Cheetah full fairing on my bike.  What I'm reading here implies to me 
that its illegal.

Just to further complicate things, the 2006-and-newer section says:

9.2.5 The following emissions equipment may be removed....

It doesn't say that anywhere in 9.1.x that I can see, though.  I've 
taken out the emissions stuff, did that make me illegal?

Also, what's the current opinion on a good DOT tire setup?  I have 
slicks on right now, so I guess those will have to go... :-/

Thanks for any suggestions,

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