AFM 650 Production rules

Architeuthis dux rg-sv650 at
Mon Mar 24 15:23:14 PDT 2008

Not complaining at all, just trying to understand.

I'm new at this to begin with, so the rules are pretty overwhelming, 
never mind the 650T implications!


Ernest Montague wrote:
> Sure.  It is the FIRST year of a new class. All good  points. Rather 
> than complain about how the rules were written, write them and submit them.
> All these points need to be clarified. The guys writing rules are just 
> members.  Thus just like you.
> No bodywork requirements on SVs.......
> On Mar 24, 2008, at 2:30 PM, Architeuthis dux wrote:
>> I've been watching the griping on the rules, but I tried to puzzle 
>> through them myself to see if my 2003 naked is legal, and I can't 
>> really tell.
>> 9.1.2k - can't modify lighting
>> 9.1.13 - you can remove the brake light
>> 9.1.35d - can remove tail light assembly
>> 9.1.35e - can remove headlight glass, shell
>> Ok, so what's the purpose of 9.1.2k?  Can I take off all the lights, 
>> or not?
>> 9.1.18 - handlebar type may be changed but the mounting method may not
>> I have Woodcraft clip-ons.  The original SV had bars.  I can't use 
>> bars with a fairing.  The SVS has clip-ons though.
>> 9.1.26 - aftermarket fairings may not be fitted to bikes not 
>> originally equipped with a fairing.
>> My bike was a SV.  The SVS has a fairing, but no bellypan.  I have a 
>> Cheetah full fairing on my bike.  What I'm reading here implies to me 
>> that its illegal.
>> Just to further complicate things, the 2006-and-newer section says:
>> 9.2.5 The following emissions equipment may be removed....
>> It doesn't say that anywhere in 9.1.x that I can see, though.  I've 
>> taken out the emissions stuff, did that make me illegal?
>> Also, what's the current opinion on a good DOT tire setup?  I have 
>> slicks on right now, so I guess those will have to go... :-/
>> Thanks for any suggestions,
>> -rg

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