Clearance issue with Sharkskinz

tlc at tlc at
Thu May 1 08:09:20 PDT 2008

I have a 2003 SV650 that I purchased with a Sharkskinz race fairing and a 2003
GSXR1000 front end installed. 

I've just realized that there appears to be a clearance issue with the front end of
this setup. By my measurements, the front fender is contacting the underside of the
Sharkskinz upper with approximately 1-inch of fork travel left. 

I've spoken to Sharkskinz about this, and they indicate the the race upper has no
clearance issues with the stock SV650 front end. Which leads me to believe that their
are some serious differences with the GSXR forks. 

I'm planning on taking various measurements to compare the stock SV frontend with the
GSXR. But has anyone experienced this problem? 


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