New bike?

Randy Grein randygrein at
Sun May 4 23:17:54 PDT 2008

OK, I've had it. My bike blew up again. Made it 1 1/2 race days this  
time, and this time we followed all precautions - including pulling in  
when the temperature dropped below the mandated 80 degrees C to tape  
the radiator. My long-suffering wife reminded me that it's been a  
problem since we bought it and she wants to replace it with a new  
bike. I'd be happy with replacing the engine but she wants all new. (I  
know, nice problem to have.) Question is, do I get another SV? New or  
used? Is Suzuki likely to do a major update this winter just to make  
my luck consistent? Maybe I should just say the hell with college for  
the kids and get a 1098. (grin)

Next I have to think about parts for a supersport - I think the Penske  
shock can be reworked for a 2nd gen bike, but is it going to save  
anything over buying new? The fairing transfers over, but I think the  
front stay doesn't. The archives reminded me the rear wheels  
interchange with a bearing swap but I'll need a second front wheel.  
Obviously I'll need a new pipe and I'll have to make new rearsets.  
Aside from engine work and parting out the old bike have I missed  

I'm gonna miss all that power.
Randy Grein, WMRRA #41

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