xylene as a octane booster?

matthew patton pattonme at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 23:32:36 PDT 2008

my friend is interested in more HP from his superstock motor and was
talking about using U4 or other racegas. then somebody else happened to
mention adding Xylene into standard pump gas to accomplish the same
thing. basically xylene is an aeromatic. Unless the motor had higher
compression and needed high octane I thought it wasn't particularly
useful. high octane means it burns slower right? burns slower means
less tendency to preignite and cause knock.

anyhow, given the same engine running a variety of pump gas vs race
fuel, is the reason one can get more HP out of U4 etc because it just
has more of an oxidizing agent in it? Or does the slower burning also
help extract more of the potential energy within the compounds?

lastly, anyone heard about this Xylene bit?

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