Built motor

Ernest Montague afm199 at earthlink.net
Wed May 7 08:15:18 PDT 2008

Well I finally ( how about over a year) got the motor in my SV.  I 
started over a year ago.  Balance and lighten crank and flywheel 
(thanks BRG Racing), 1 mm over zlock pistons, 1 mm over intake valves, 
mild porting and radius valve job, Zoran's springs with 03 cam swap ( I 
may put in the Webb cams later), all new bearings, shell and ball, new 

In a word, wow!  The dyno run was good, it just ran out of power at 
73.5 hp (factory pro) only 4 HP over my other motor ( busa pistons and 
03 cam swap, both motors with M4 and flatslides).  However from 5700 to 
9000 there was a fat 5-8 HORSEPOWER gain all the way through, and the 
5k dip is gone.  Running 100 octane pump gas.

I rode it yesterday at Thunderhill, and am I smiling.  The midrange 
drive out of the corners is fantastic.  I finally don't feel abandoned 
on the front straight, the 600s still pull me, but they don't pull me 
that much, and the tighter course is just dynamite.  6-7-8-9  rocks.

Definitely worth the long wait.  Thanks to KC for the help along the 


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