Cam timing

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Mon May 12 08:11:03 PDT 2008

You really need to degree the cams to get all that is there. If not your
opening the door to dumb luck and Murphy. And as we all know Murphy in most
cases gets in first.... Ernie's new motor made really good power on the dyno
but he did not look at the cam timing. I bet him that there is 3 to 5 motor
hP with that cam where they should be.

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Yes it will be fucked.

Use the cam timing marks on the intake cams... Those work.  On the 
intake cams used as exhaust cams, you need to remark them.


You mean lobe centers? Every bike will be different. Intake anywhere 
from 102 to 105 probably. Between the press on sprockets and the 
variation in flywheel marks, who knows?

On May 3, 2008, at 12:04 PM, Steve Robertson wrote:

> If you do the cam swap (Gen2 intakes on intake side and Gen1 intakes
> on exhaust side) and you line them up on the stock marks, does anyone
> know what the cam timing will be?
> Steve

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