GSXR rectifier/regulator in an SV 650

Jim Stewart js at
Mon May 12 17:49:18 PDT 2008

As we've learned over the years, the rectifier/regulator in the SV 650 is a weak 
link. Mine has never failed, but it's never charged the battery fully either. 
Depending on ambient temperature my battery would charge at about 11.6 to 12.7 
volts. This guaranteed that the poor thing never got more than about 80% charged.

Enough of that. I found a GSXR 750 regulator (5 wire type) on flea bay cheap. 
Changed the connectors to match the SV harness - the 3 yellow wires (white on 
the SV) could be removed from the GSXR connector and plugged directly into the 
SV connector. The remaining two, ground and +12, required splicing and soldering.

Much better! Now my battery charges at 12.6 to 13.8 volts depending on RPM and 

The new regulator is bigger - a tight fit. It requires a mounting plate.

Here's the stock installation:

The mounting plate:

The new regulator installed:

I had to trim the heatsink fins for clearance:

Now I can run my heated grips and charge the battery too...



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