Steve Robertson srobertson at
Tue May 13 08:31:11 PDT 2008

Yes. They are flat tops with no dish at all and minimal valve pockets. I 
some modelling clay to check the PTV and even with some very aggressive
cams there was 100thou on the intakes and 60thou on the exhaust valves. I
don't know where a stock motor would measure, but these pistons were down
in the cylinder 60thou at TDC.

I wish I knew more how cams work. I'm tempted to remove the exhaust cams
and replace them with some Gen1 intakes. This would give me about 20thou
more PTV on the exhaust valves and from what I understand a little bit 
low end torque while perhaps giving up some top end. Make sense?

> so you are running aftermarket pistons?  I am running 100 octane with no 
> signs of detonation.

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