Ideas, suggestions?

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Sun May 25 22:39:39 PDT 2008

like oldest man on list said :)
oil ring may got screwed,overlaped...
or excesive piston to cylinder clearance...

Zoran Vujasinovic
Twin Works Factory
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After the usual 17hr drive to my "home" track, I was excited about
the first race of 

the season especially because of the new "big" motor I had. Took it
to the dyno 

last night for break-in and the required new map. The thing was
smoking terribly 

and it was soon apparent that it wasn't just a little extra assembly
lube as during the 

30-45 minutes of run time it burnt at least 1/2 liter of oil. So
what are the possible 

causes of this? It does it mostly while on throttle so that would
indicate rings over 

valve guide seals, yes? I checked the crankcase breather lines and
they are dry, is 

there anything else easy I can look at or is my only choice to start
tearing the thing 

down? Fortunately I did bring down my old motor and got to spend
most of my regular 

sleeping time doing a motor swap :-( I'm guessing either the rings
weren't installed 

correctly, the cylinder bores aren't true, or the bores are too big
for the pistons. I don't 

have the tools to do a leak down test but I did check the
compression and it was 250psi 

in both cylinders, but I guess that doesn't really tell a guy much.
Any advice would be  


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