low power and brake issue

Wendell Crain wendell_crain at hotmail.com
Tue May 27 04:50:36 PDT 2008

Put together a bike for races at the end of this month. In testing this past weekend, it seems kind of sluggish until rpms get above 4-5K. Then it runs fine on up from there. Did not push to redline since I was on the road to my house and my neighbors would not have appreciated much. It is a stock first gen motor, K&N filter, M4 full system. Jetted the carbs with DJ146 main, a spacer on the needle, and 2.5 turns on A/F. The second issue is the brakes. Braided lines with brand new pads and they seem only marginally better than stock lines and pads. The M/C is the "S" version. My other bike has "N" version and the system is rock solid, all you have to do is breathe on the lever and it'll stop you. This one you pull on the lever and it has no bite until half way through the lever. The lines are Goodridge, but they are a little older. Nothing has any visible damage. I am not sure if I need to try a different M/C or try to pick up some different lines.
Any suggestions for either of these would be appreciated. Since I have 3 days before I pack up, probably will have to live with the bike the way it is. Unless it is easy change.
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