Ideas, suggestions?

KC Gager kc at
Tue May 27 08:22:38 PDT 2008

Sound like rings could be upside down rings. Either way she needs to come
apart :-( 22% leak down is not even close. I get nervous when I see 5%
Before you pull the head check the valve cover gasket make sure the smog
port is sealed it's a long shot but.... Look down the intake see if there is
oil going down the valves. Do the same on the exhaust. Pull head check
Good luck

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	Thanks for the ideas everyone. KC, it was on throttle when the
mosquitoes were being 

	killed. I borrowed a leak down tester last night and while it gave
different readings on 

	different tries (in same cylinder) they were all bad, ranging from
15%-22%. The front 

	cylinder was leaking mostly by the intake valves and a little past
the rings. The rear 

	cylinder was again mostly through the intake valves but also some
past the exhaust 

	valves and though not a lot, more past the rings than the front
cylinder. Looks like she 

	is coming apart and getting the valve seats cut and a few other

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